Radiation of Hamidine and Sekkal: the PJD says it is targeted, the Interior reacts

Legal-media contest between the PJD and the Ministry of the Interior. A few weeks before the elections, the “party of the lamp” deplores that several of its members have been struck off the electoral lists. Headliners are concerned, including Abdelali Hamieddine and Abdessamad Sekkal, both removed from the prefectures of Rabat.

This deletion occurred during the revision of the general lists. The stakes are high: to be eligible, you have to be a voter. And to be a voter, you have to register on the electoral roll. Which, in this case, means that Sekkal and Hamieddine cannot vote or stand for election on September 8. In any case, not for the constituency of Rabat where they stood in the last elections.

A hard blow, which the PJD presents as a low blow. Its secretary general speaks of “political hijacking” and “legal brutality”. Saad Eddine El Otmani was speaking at a press conference held on July 26 in Rabat.

“We are facing a political, ethical and legal scandal” had previously deplored Abdelali Hamidine, excluded from the list attached to the prefecture of Rabat. “The will of the legislator is not the radiation to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights, but to deal with double registrations in two different communes”, estimated the one who currently sits in the Chamber of Councilors.

The case of Abdessamad Sekkal is different, a bit funny. By checking his situation, the current president of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region says he has discovered his re-registration in “Imaouen”, a small rural town attached to the province of Taroudant. “It’s a town that I have never heard of and with which I have no connection whatsoever! He exclaims on his Facebook page.

A “normal” procedure

The target PJD? Party communication presents things like this. The interior services, they evoke a routine approach to the approach of the elections.

« Radiation is a normal technical act, affecting a large number of citizens who do not meet the legal conditions for one reason or another, ”said a source within the Directorate General of Internal Affairs. Example: for the prefecture of Rabat alone, we note, this year, no less than 14,357 people affected by the radiation.

The DGA is one of the most important departments of the ministry headed by Abdelouafi Laftit. He knows, among other things, “matters having a political impact”. It is thus responsible “for preparing and organizing the material level of the elections, managing the personnel of authority, ensuring the control of the application of the regulations and ensuring the follow-up in matters of civil liberties. “

In each district or municipality, an administrative commission is responsible for examining applications for registration on the electoral rolls. It includes a magistrate, the representative of a council of the commune or of the district council, of the pasha, the caid or the Khalifa or their representatives.

Justifying the case of Mr. Hamidine, the management explains that the delisting was recorded on the basis of a report signed by all the members of an administrative commission competent in the matter, and which includes “the representative of the council of Agdal-Hay Riyadh prefecture from the PJD ”.

A decision following a finding: The person “no longer resides in the prefecture of Rabat and has been for a long time”, adds the same source, given that the adviser “himself confirmed in a memorandum of appeal filed with the administrative court of Rabat”.

However, a citizen can only register on the list of the electoral district of the place of his effective and continuous residence. Consequently, “the commission proceeds to the removal, from the electoral list, of the names of persons no longer having any connection with the municipality or the district due to the change of their actual place of residence”. (See article 23 of law 57-11).

If the result is the same, the origin of the radiation affecting Abdessamd Sekkal is different. It emanates from a judgment rendered on July 20 by the administrative court, ruling on “an appeal brought by one of the voters”, estimates the source within the DGA. The court noted that the regional president “no longer resided” in the prefecture of Rabat.

New requests for registration on the electoral rolls are presented during a period of 30 days which begins and ends on dates fixed by decree. This year, this period spanned between June 2 and 1is July 2021.

Instead of investing in the media, “the concerned should have resorted to the legal means provided to regularize their situation”, explains the Interior, making reference to “transfer of registration”. Here too, this process was to take place between June 2 and 1is July. This deadline has now expired.

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