Raft with migrants deflates in the English Channel; 1 dead and 1 hospitalized

2023-12-15 09:50:02

PARIS (AP) — French maritime authorities rescued more than 60 migrants trying to cross the English Channel early Friday, but one of them died.

Another person was rescued in critical condition and taken by helicopter to a hospital in the French port of Calais, authorities explained in a statement.

The person who died was unconscious when he was rescued and did not respond to resuscitation, the note explained.

The raft in which the migrants were trying to reach the United Kingdom partially deflated and some of its occupants fell into the sea, according to the statement.

In total, the rescue ships picked up 66 people, including the deceased.

The coast around Calais has for years been a starting point for those fleeing conflict and poverty around the world and hoping to reach the UK, often after dangerous, sometimes lethal, sea crossings. one of the busiest shipping channels.

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