Rahul still has a chance, there is no player in cricket who has been in better form from the start – Ex

KL Rahul was left out of the playing eleven of the Test team due to his poor form this season. Former Indian player Gautam Gambhir has come with a strong warning to Rahul ahead of the Indian Premier League.

Gambhir said Rahul should take IPL seriously and approach the tournament as a platform to regain his form.

He said that Rahul still has a chance and there are no players in cricket who have remained in the same form since the beginning. Gambhir was speaking to Sports Talk.

“Rahul should see IPL as a mere tournament or as a platform to improve the game. Ask yourself if you can bat the way the team wants or the way the country wants.

Besides, scoring 600 runs in IPL does not matter. What matters is whether he hits only 400-500 runs and wins the team.

All the stars go through such difficult situations in their career. It is impossible to point out a player who remains in the same form from the beginning to the end of his career.

Sometimes it’s good to go through this bad situation. People will try to discourage you by saying many things, but this should be seen as a source of energy. Even though he is in bad form now, there is still a chance for Rahul to come back with excellence,’ said Gambhir.

Rahul lost his chance in the playing eleven in the indoor Test after he faded in the first two Tests against Australia. Rahul is also the captain of Lucknow team in IPL.

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