Rains continue in Kerala, Idukki Dam opens, more dams to open – Kerala Rain Live Updates

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ∙ As the water level in the Idukki dam is increasing, all the shutters of the Churuthoni dam have been raised. Those on either side of the Periyar from Cheruthoni town should be very careful. With this, the total number of shutters raised at Churuthoni Dam has increased to five. The three shutters opened yesterday are raised by 100 cm each and 200 cumex of water (1,50,000 litres) is flowing out. The reason for the rise in the water level is the continued heavy rains in the catchment area of ​​the Idukki Dam and the increase in the amount of water flowing through the spillway from the Mullaperiyar Dam. The water level in Mullaperiyar dam is also rising. The current water level is 138.95 feet. 10 shutters were raised by 60 cm from 10 am. 4957 cubic feet of water (140,000 liters) is released.

Four shutters of Palakkad Malampuzha Dam were raised by 10 cm. Minister K. Rajan informed that Kozhikode Kakkayam Dam will also have to be opened. Two shutters of Pampa Dam will be opened after 4 pm today. A shutter in the Banasura Sagar dam in Wayanad opened as the water level crossed the rule curve limit. As informed earlier, the shutter was raised by 10 cm at 8 am. At present the water level is 774.20 meters. 8.50 cubic meters of water per second will flow out.

The shutters of the Kakki-Anathode dam, a part of the Sabarigiri hydroelectric project, will be opened today. A red alert has been announced at Edamalayar Dam. The dam will be opened at 10 am tomorrow. After the water level in the reservoirs reaches the rule curve, the shutters of the Kaki-Anamthode dam are opened. 100 cumex of water will be released through 4 shutters of Anamthode Dam. The water level in the Pampa river will not rise more than 30 cm at most. The released water will reach Pampa Triveni within 2 hours via Anamto Kakiyar. There is no cause for concern at present.

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