Raising Breast Cancer Awareness for Early Detection: Join the Dar Zhor Association’s National Campaign

2023-09-30 22:40:15

The Dar Zhor Association is launching a national awareness campaign for early detection of breast cancer, as part of Pink October.

This campaign aims to inform, educate and encourage women to carry out regular examinations for early detection of this disease, indicates a press release from the association, noting that breast cancer remains a complex challenge to overcome, impacting not only health physical well-being of patients, but also their psychological, emotional and social well-being.

For this campaign, the Dar Zhor Association has joined forces with various national medical and pharmaceutical associations involved in the management of breast cancer, adds the same source, noting that this initiative pursues several objectives, particularly increased awareness of breast cancer. breast by encouraging women to carry out regular examinations such as breast self-examination and mammograms.

This operation, marked by the participation of mountaineer Bouchra Baibanou, as ambassador of the awareness campaign, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risks of breast cancer and to recall the importance of emotional support to help those affected cope with the physical and emotional challenges linked to the disease, it is specified.

This initiative also aims to provide important information about breast cancer risk factors, symptoms, screening methods and treatment options, while dispelling misconceptions.

Increased awareness of breast cancer can help reduce the mortality rate associated with the disease, according to organizers. By encouraging women to get screened regularly, cancers can be diagnosed earlier, improving the chances of recovery.

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