Ramadan should remain outside the school year

The Associate Professor of Climate at the Department of Geography at Qassim University “previously”, and the founder and head of the Climate Nomenclature Committee Abdullah Al-Misnad suggested that the study should remain outside the entire holy month of Ramadan; In other words, the study stops during Ramadan. It is not laziness, inaction, lethargy and sleep, as some of you think, and it does not necessarily mean a surrender to a social habit (staying up late); Rather, it is primarily a response to natural conditions.

Al-Misnad indicated, through a series of tweets, that the “Sah Al-Nom” chapters presented the problem and suggested a solution in a letter to the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, as the month of Ramadan coincides with the period of the school year according to the new system (3 semesters) for approximately 27 years to come.

Al-Misnad indicated that the month of Ramadan should be outside the scope of the school year to be a summer vacation for approximately 6 years, as Ramadan advances every year by 11 days on the scale of the Gregorian months, according to the attached table showing the movement of Ramadan’s path through the 4 seasons, and months Gregorian calendar, from the year 1441 AH (2020 AD) until the year 1463 AH (2041 AD).

Al-Misnad added, for a period of 23 years, as the table shows the average minimum and maximum temperatures coinciding with Ramadan, and the length of the fasting period in hours according to the city of Riyadh.

Addressing the Minister of Education, he said, the educational field results proved that the study during Ramadan, especially in the hot months, has low productivity on the part of students, teachers and administrators, and this is only due to 3 conditions and factors: natural, social, and healthy.. Without you, the natural factor is represented by the atmosphere. It is very hot in the summer, which represents at least 5 months in Saudi Arabia (from May to September), the sky is clear and clear, and the sun is scorching bright.

As for the social factor, it is an inherent Saudi social habit, and it is difficult for people to get away from it, which is staying up all night hours in Ramadan, whether the study is approved or not.

Al-Misnad continued, and the third factor is healthy related to the body, as male and female students, as well as teachers, are fasting, and they are often staying up all night, with a hot daytime atmosphere, a cloudless sky, and a scorching sun. This third factor (thirst and hunger) coincides with sleepless and free.

He added, shortening the quota, and canceling the space, all of which contribute to the weakness of the educational process, low educational attainment, but rather an atmosphere that causes boredom, helplessness and lack of productivity, which leads to frequent absences by students and teachers, and this is tangible, and ask the teachers if you do not believe about classes. “Good morning”.

And he continued, and when they talk about the first generation in our Islamic history, how did they make their Ramadan victories, achievements, and outcomes?! .. they talk .. but think separated from their environment and society!! For the first generation was not illuminated by lights, and cooled by electricity, the first generation did not know how to stay up until sunrise, and the bodies of the first generation settled on hunger, heat and skin for life. And the teachers, the first generation does not confront 35 students for guidance, education and upbringing, and the woman in the first generation in Ramadan does not wait for a kitchen full of duties and meals. We can compare today’s generation to yesterday’s generation!! For reasons long ways and explained.

And he added, then, if you are going to obligate us in the condition of the first generation in Ramadan, it was (it has been reported) from them that they give up everything in Ramadan, including seeking knowledge, and devote themselves to the Qur’an, do you have to do this? I claim that disrupting the study in the month of Ramadan is a positive interaction with the weak results and poor outcomes of the educational process during the month of Ramadan for the above three reasons. In it is a legal prohibition, and it is not prohibited by law, but rather a radical solution to a bug, and the problem of correct sleep chapters, on the other hand, here you are in the new system (3 chapters) you created 3 inter-leaves of approximately 30 days!!, in addition to about 8 extended vacations distributed over 3 Chapters, there is no harm in entering Ramadan as an official holiday, in exchange for reducing some of the 11 currently scheduled holidays, and I heard some people suggest that the study should be established according to the Hijri date!! This is not possible because of the connection of the four seasons to the solar Gregorian calendar, and the beginning of schooling in most of the world is at the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Then he added that the month of Ramadan is a month of worship and obedience that has characteristics and features that are not repeated in the rest of the months, so why crowd on it?! And time in the blessed month of Ramadan passes and is not compensated, while the month in education is compensated by another month, rather it increases, and when we disrupt during the month of Ramadan, we fulfilled Ramadan’s right to worship first, and secondly, we saved the educational process from tampering, weakness and low in inputs, as well as outputs, and when we disrupted in the month of Ramadan We are not deviant globally, as most countries of the world suspend schools for two weeks for Christmas and two weeks for Easter holidays, all of which cut off the course of study. In Britain and Spain, Christmas holidays are two weeks, in addition to three weeks for Easter, and the total is 35 days of religious holidays!! In the United States of America, the holiday of Christmas is not less than 22 days, not to mention Easter!!

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