Rambouillet Sports Modern Pentathlon – Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer with PINK OCTOBER

2023-10-13 09:53:12

Second edition for Rambouillet Sports Modern Pentathlon (in addition to an internal club race for the benefit of the Flammes Roses Chartraines in 2021) in favor ofPINK OCTOBER and for the benefit of UMA oncology department of the Public Hospital of Rambouillet thanks to the piggy banks of the League against Cancer.

The October 14, 2023through the generosity of the usher of the Rambouillet Market providing free of charge a 3m x 9m location, the Rambouillet Modern Pentathlon Club organize an event on the very popular Rambolitan market on Saturday morning with a laser pistol shooting rangeStands of the League against Cancer and UMA service

The theme is “Eat well, move well and healthy sport to prevent breast cancer”.

THE local producers “La Ferme aux 4 Etoiles”, Rambolitan merchants, “L’Orangerie Marée”, “Arlo’s Coffee”, “La Ressourcerie” and Vous des Yvelines whose solidarity stores, creating social ties, will be depositories of these piggy banks to give free rein to your generosity throughout the month of October.

The mission : to be at the heart of a convivial place to raise awareness about a female but also male pathology that a healthy lifestyle can help prevent. The risk factors linked to junk food and a sedentary lifestyle are avoidable in astronomical proportions of the order of 45 to 50%.

By using the attractiveness of the shooting part of the laser run, the gateway to the Modern Pentathlon, the Rambouillet Modern Pentathlon Club simply tries to convey with its partners the public health messages which range from breast cancer screening to varied meals, rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, fibers, minerals, simple and unprocessed products, fresh, low in complex sugars and a active and sporting life.

A whole program so that the Modern Pentathlon is pink and that Sport is Health RS/PM.

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