Ramez Jalal directs a severe insult to Suleiman Eid without any shyness in the program (Ramez Movie Star) .. And the audience: (A shame, you can’t help)!

The great Egyptian artist “Suleiman Eid” was a guest and victim of the mold of the artist Ramiz Jalal in his program “Ramez Movie Star”, which is presented in cooperation with the international artist Van Damme, on MBC Egypt.

At the beginning of the episode, Ramez mocked Suleiman Eid, when he spoke in English, saying: “This is English, and I am lost in English.” Ramez replied: “This is not the language, but the one who lost it. You are all lost.”

Ramez also directed an insult that the bloggers described as flawed and without shame, stressing that this is a defect, saying: “His 20-year-old grocery store says Ivat, he is not talented and he still adapts to the circumstances.

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