Ranong Dengue Fever Update: Stay Vigilant to Protect Against Dengue Outbreaks

2023-06-29 03:00:04

Ranong Police Station warns!! Although the situation of dengue fever in Ranong province improved. but should not be underestimated keep a constant watchful eye

“Doctor Nor” leaves the factory Warning!! Even though the dengue situation in Ranong province has improved but should not be underestimated keep a constant watchful eye Helps to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, preventing 3 diseases

Dr. Noratep Asawaphatchara, Ranong Provincial Public Health Doctor, revealed that the situation of the spread of dengue fever in Ranong Province. From January to June 19, 2023, 87 cumulative cases were found, representing a morbidity rate of 44.79 per 100,000 population. No deaths were reported. The most common age group was 10-14 years, followed by 15-24 years and 5-9 years, respectively. Patients were found in every district. But the most in Ranong district, 59 cases, 12 cases in Kraburi, 7 cases in Aun, 7 cases of Suksamran, and 2 cases of Kapoe. Now there are patients ranked 26th in the country, ranked 5th in the 11th health district. At present, the situation of dengue fever in Ranong province is good. up compared to the beginning of last year but must be careful continuously during the rainy season because there is an increased risk of dengue fever

Ranong Provincial Public Health Doctor said that at the beginning of this year Ranong province found one of the top dengue outbreaks in the country when compared to the sickness rate per 100,000 population. But there has been a continuous campaign to prevent dengue fever. until the situation improved accordingly Until receiving a plaque of honor “Province with outstanding level of dengue management” in the ASEAN Dengue Day Campaign 2023 from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health for measures to prevent dengue fever has focused on 3 measures to collect and prevent 3 diseases, namely water collection, house collection, garbage collection, prevention of dengue fever, dengue fever, joint pain, mosquito bites Therefore, if you see a container with mosquito larvae, turn the container upside down or throw it away. Abate sand may be added. or raising guppy fish in containers that can be raised

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The Ranong Provincial Public Health Doctor also said that if there is a high fever, aches, or bleeding spots for 2-7 days, you should see a doctor or hospital, should not buy aspirin or NSAID painkillers such as Bufen, Diclofenac. Eat by yourself because it can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

For the situation of dengue fever in Thailand in 2023, as of June 19, 2023, there were 24,090 patients, representing a morbidity rate of 36.45 per 100,000 population, with 20 deaths. 35.50%, 15-24 years old, accounted for 23.02% and 25-34 years old, accounted for 15.18%

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