Ratu Felisha Could Be Joko Anwar’s New Muse


Queen Felisha became the spotlight after appearing in the film Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion. Even his name had entered the ranks of trending topics after the film was aired. Many viewers were happy to see Ratu Felisha’s appearance in the film directed by Joko Anwar.

The character of Tari, played by Ratu Felisha in Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion, not only adds to the excitement of this film, but also gives a funny impression. The interaction between his character and Tony (Endy Arfian) is adorable. Not to mention the dance scenes with Pak Ustaz which are also quite memorable.

Joko Anwar chose not to openly reveal the background of Tari’s life in Servant of Satan 2: Communion. The audience is asked to guess and investigate for themselves from the dialogues, body movements, to the appearances that appear when Tari is in her flat unit. The thing that explains the most about this character is the whispers that are heard and frighten him throughout the film.



It seems Tari has a very dark past. Something that left trauma that made him choose to live alone and away from his family. It also seemed like he wasn’t brought up in an overly harmonious family. It’s like she was abused and abused as a teenager, which made her break down and then made a wrong decision, and then she regretted it.

At the same time, these things also seem to make Tari stronger and able to defend and protect herself. It can be seen from his attitude when he gets catcalling from the residents of the flat at the beginning of the film.

Joko Anwar made the very right decision to install Queen Felisha in Servant of Satan 2: Communion. The character of Tari may just seem like a cheerleader, but the background story of this figure is quite interesting to watch. This raises a question: will Ratu Felisha become the new muse for Joko Anwar’s films? Tari characters can really be an interesting spin-off material.

As is known, Joko Anwar always has a subscription actress who plays in his films. Tara Basro always appears as the main character in Joko Anwar’s films such as Pengabdi Setan and Perempuan Tanah Jahanam. In the second film mentioned, Marissa Anita also appeared who later appeared in Gundala. And in the three films, the figure of Asmara Abigail is never left behind.

In a press conference some time ago, Ratu Felisha revealed that she really wanted to be able to join the Servant of Satan 2: Communion project. He was even willing to travel from Lembang to Jakarta to audition for this film.

“I went back and forth from Lembang to Jakarta to participate in the casting and didn’t expect to get the role. Just meeting Bang Joko Anwar, I was already happy. It’s okay to be a stone, a tree or a devil as long as you play there,” said Ratu Felisha.

No Queen Felisha Indonesia’s entertainment industry is already familiar. She grew up from the modeling world before finally plunging into soap operas and films. In the last two years, Ratu Felisha has appeared in major projects, one of which is such as Revenge Rindu Must be Paid Completely (2021) which has successfully won awards at various international festivals.

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