Rayados fan is exposed to ‘risk of death’ at BBVAMediotiempo Stadium

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Monterey, Nuevo Leon. / 25.06.2022 22:54:24


Not to be believed! During the friendly match between Rayados de Monterrey and America de Caliand aficionado of the Liga MX squad was exposed to a “risk of death” when standing on the edge of the upper tiers. Despite being held by the hand of one of his companions, this event could have ended in a tragedy.

Scandal at the BBVA Stadium

In some images that circulate social networks you can see the creepy scene what a leading role Fervent fan of Rayados de Monterrey. The young man in the black t-shirt decided to stand up on the protection fence to encourage his team against the Colombian team.

“Thief of My Brain” is the legend that can be read at the bottom of the stands where the young man poses with a huge smile in your face. Club sources told mediotiempo that he individual could be identified and evicted from the BBVA Stadium.

Tribute to Nico Sanchez

Nico Sanchez he played again with the Rayados shirt this Saturday and received recognition at the Steel giant by the board in their tribute game during the match that the Gang faced against America of Cali.

The directors recognized him to now DT de Raya2 of the Expansion League, at which time fireworks appeared, where Nico Sánchez thanked the people for their support that he had during his time as a player.

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