Razer Moray: High-Quality In-Ear Monitor Earphones for Content Creation and Live Broadcasting

2023-06-27 15:35:05

Razer announced the brand’s first in-ear monitor earphones for content creation and live broadcasting. It adopts an ergonomic and customized earphone design, emphasizing a spacious and realistic sound field. It has a hybrid dual monomer and MMCX interchangeable cable mechanism, and With the ergonomic design and earplugs, it can achieve -36dB noise suppression.

Moray is already available on Razer’s official store, and the price in Taiwan is 4,490 yuan ($129.99 in North America).

▲ Razer Moray adopts MMCX interchangeable cable mechanism

▲ Razer Moray emphasizes that it is a monitor-level in-ear headset designed for creators and live broadcasters

Razer Moray is equipped with a two-way divided voice coil iron hybrid dual monomer, which can present a frequency response of 20Hz-24kHz. It emphasizes that it is tested and optimized by theater sound experts. Equipped with elastic sleeves, three types of silicone earplugs, two types of foam earplugs and a water-proof storage box are provided in the box.

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