Razer unveils Stream Controller to take on Elgato

Razer Stream Controller

For the more serious streamer, Elgato (Corsair)’s Stream Deck is a pretty handy tool, allowing them to switch screens, play sound effects, or manage other aspects of the stream. Razer naturally saw the market for this type of tool, and released a similar live controller today called the Extremely Straightforward Stream Controller

However, Razer did not develop a brand-new product from scratch, but found Loupedeck to cooperate and use its Loupedeck Live OEM. The Stream Controller has 12 touchscreen buttons with force feedback, eight physical buttons, and six rotary knobs. These six knobs are the main features of the Stream Controller, allowing you to easily and intuitively adjust parameters such as volume and brightness.

Razer Stream Controller

Razer Stream Controller

The Steam Controller directly uses Loupedeck’s software and supports Windows and MacOS systems. In addition to live streaming, you can also use it as a productivity tool, set different button or knob functions in different apps, and even use it to control smart home devices. You can also save a whole set of settings and quickly switch between different setting groups as needed. This makes it possible for you to use it outside of live streaming to assist with paperwork, video editing, etc.

However, the asking price for the Stream Controller is quite astonishing, reaching NT$8,990 / HK$2,149. This is a lot more expensive than the 15-key Elgato Stream Deck (about NT$5,000), and it probably depends on whether there is a need for those knobs.

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