Reactivation of the 13th Field Hospital, promptly receiving serious illness

(PLO)- The Department of Health held a drill to promptly mobilize human and material resources to the No. 13 Field Hospital in the event that a new sub-variant appeared in Ho Chi Minh City.

On January 16, with the assumption that a new sub-variant appeared in Ho Chi Minh City and there were many cases of severe disease increasing, the Department of Health activated the No. 13 field hospital (BV) to operate again. with a scale of 100 beds for intensive care. The preparation time for the hospital to officially receive a person with severe COVID-19 is 24 hours.

Accordingly, the Department of Health posed a hypothetical situation during the Lunar New Year holiday 2023 (from January 20 to January 26), the city determined that a new sub-variant of Omicron appeared. Also during this time, Hospital for Tropical Diseases and General Hospitals had an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases (3-4 times higher than the previous time). Most are symptomatic and the number of severe cases requiring oxygen has also increased.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Department of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases has used up all 50 beds (out of a total of 70 recovery beds), the COVID-19 treatment departments/units of the city’s general and specialized hospitals have also used up 50 beds. has used nearly 50% of the hospital bed capacity, so far there have been no deaths.

Rehearsal to receive patients with COVID-19 in severe condition at field hospital No. 13 (at 14:30 on January 16. Photo: SYT

Faced with this situation, the Board of Directors of the Department of Health immediately convened the Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control of the city’s health sector. The meeting agreed to report to the Head of the City Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control to reactivate the 13 Field Hospital to collect and treat severe COVID-19 cases requiring active resuscitation.

The head of the City Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control agreed and requested the Department of Health to direct the entire health sector to coordinate to reactivate the 13 Field Hospital with a scale of 100 beds for intensive care within 24 hours. to receive critically ill patients. Depending on the progress of the epidemic situation, proactively adjust the size of the 13 Field Hospital to ensure that it is always ready to receive and effectively handle seriously ill patients, to minimize the number of deaths due to disease. COVID-19.

In the face of the situation that the COVID-19 epidemic has progressed in a bad way, with the consent of the Head of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of the city, the Director of the Department of Health has reactivated the 13 Field Hospital.

The location to activate Field Hospital 13 within 24 hours is Hong Ha, Cuu Long, Huong Giang, Lam Vien areas of Field Hospital No. 13 (address 9A-B Nguyen Van Linh, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh).

In addition to 100 resuscitation beds and 30 ventilators, 25 monitors, and 2 portable X-rays, the hospital mobilized 70 more ventilators and 75 monitors from hospitals.

As for drugs, consumable medical supplies, protective equipment, the Department of Health assigned the Hospital for Tropical Diseases to plan and prepare enough facilities for 100 beds. For vehicles transporting severe diseases to field hospitals, the Department of Health requires Tropical Diseases Hospital to arrange an ambulance on duty at Field Hospital No. 13; 115 Emergency Center is ready to transport patients at home and support other hospitals when they need to be transferred (using vehicles available at the satellite emergency station located at Field Hospital No. 13).

Reactivation of Field Hospital No. 13, timely receiving serious illness photo 2
The duty team of field hospital 13 received serious patients transferred from the hospital (15:00 on January 16).

To take care of 100 seriously ill patients requiring resuscitation, 54 doctors (including at least 27 doctors trained in emergency resuscitation) and 108 nurses are required. Hospital to serve the care of seriously ill patients in need of resuscitation.

On the other hand, the Department of Health mobilized a group of experts in charge of assessing the situation and progress of the COVID-19 epidemic, a group of experts to support remote consultation, a team to coordinate and transfer seriously ill patients to the field hospital. No. 13, human resources and logistics support group.


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