Real Madrid – Betsy Baskonia: towards a second win at the WiZink Center

خبر. 06/04/2022. Edu Well

Laso’s men will attempt a second 2-0 win in the semi-finals on Carroll’s Honoring Day and before traveling to Vitoria (6:00pm).

Real Madrid plays an important match in the semi-final series against Baskonia. With 1-0 to our team after winning less than 48 hours ago in WiZink CenterThe two teams meet again on the same stage to compete for the match point. looking for men لاسو about consolidating their advantage while the opponent stands before their last chance to capture the ground factor. Before the match, Jaycee will be honored CarolThe foreigner with the most number of matches in the madridista shirt (709).

Every match is different, especially in the playoffs, with a little bit of time between matches. but Real Madrid He has a clear roadmap, as he wants to repeat the good second-half performance of Thursday’s game against a highly competitive and dangerous opponent, capable of turning the game around in any situation.

Therefore, focus will once again be key, along with rebounds and success in the three-pointers. On the last side, our team excelled with 17 hat-tricks in the last match, equaling its historical number in a playoff match, and most importantly, with an efficiency of 50%. register Kosor AndRudy Andيوي 11 of them. The son of the Balearic Islands needs only two hat-tricks to pass Rafa Martinez’s tally to become the fourth-best three-pointer in ACB history.


Baskonia also specializes in throwing from the 6.75 point line, which was evident in the last match. The opposing team, with four players on the outside, will be looking to take down the madridistas, and it’s no surprise that they have the best three-pointers ratio in the competition.

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