Real wants about 70 million euros for Varan. Manchester United are offering 40 + 5 million. The deal is pending (As) – Football

“Real” and “Manchester United” continue negotiations on the transfer of the Madrid defender Raphael Varane.

As informs As, the parties are still far from completing the process, as they do not seek to make concessions.

Real Madrid insists that the Mankunians pay around 70 million euros for the player – this is its market value, according to the club’s representatives. At the same time, Manchester United does not want to offer more than 40 million euros plus 5 million as bonuses so far, linking this with Varan’s expiring contract.

The first official offer from Manchester was rejected and the clubs continue negotiations.

It is noted that “Real” I would not like to let the player go cheaply, but would prefer to start the season with him in the squad and, having evaluated the financial prospects, try to conclude a new agreement with Varan.

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