Recent Developments in Gaza: Bombers and Casualties

2023-12-22 16:52:49

Gaza health authorities reported on Friday that the number of Palestinian martyrs in the Gaza Strip had risen to 20,057 since the start of the Israeli bombing of the area in October.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that about 390 people had died over the past two days. A total of 53,320 people were injured, including thousands of children.

The Israeli bombing comes in response to a surprise attack on October 7 by members of Hamas and other Palestinian factions on Israeli settlements, which left about 1,400 dead and approximately 4,475 wounded, according to Israeli data.

International calls have increased since then for a ceasefire in light of the high number of civilian martyrs in Gaza.

Diplomatic sources said that the United Nations Security Council decided to postpone voting again on a draft resolution on a possible ceasefire and increasing the flow of aid to Gaza, until later today, Friday.

Following the introduction of fundamental changes to a draft settlement to reach a resolution on Gaza in the Security Council, the vote was postponed again on Thursday.

The text comes in the wake of intense negotiations between the United States, the UAE, and Egypt. In the past few days, negotiators have come a long way with Israel’s ally, the United States, in order to prevent the use of the veto and thus the failure of the resolution to be issued.

In an amended draft that was made available to the German News Agency (dpa) to see, some wording in Israel’s interest – such as condemning attacks on civilians – was significantly watered down or deleted.

Other paragraphs were deleted under pressure from the United States, including a paragraph condemning all violations of international humanitarian law, as well as all indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects. The paragraph relating to an immediate cessation of violence, which had previously been called for in order to allow the delivery of aid, has also disappeared from the current draft.

The Israeli army announced a four-hour cessation of fighting in the Rafah area, south of the Gaza Strip, today.

Meanwhile, dozens of foreigners and Palestinians with dual nationalities are scheduled to leave the Strip today, according to a list issued by the Palestinian Border Authority at the Rafah border crossing.

The list includes people of British, American and Mexican nationalities.

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