Record-Breaking Heat Wave Hits Belgium in September: Latest Updates and Forecast

2023-09-07 16:06:00

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) has indeed measured 30.2°C there. This measure is not final, however, specifies meteorologist David Dehenauw on X, formerly Twitter, that. But with such values, our country is about to experience its first heat wave in history in September.

For there to be a national heatwave, highs in Uccle must reach at least 25°C for at least five consecutive days, with at least three days reaching 30°C. Already on Monday, temperatures exceeded 25°C in Uccle. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the mercury exceeded 30°C. For the next few days, the MRI is again forecasting temperatures of around 30°C.

The daily record for September 7 was already broken on Thursday. The old daily record dated back to 1911 and was 29.5°C.

Until next Monday, the yellow code for heat applies to the whole country, with the exception of the coastal region and the province of Luxembourg.

If the heat wave is confirmed, it will be the second of the year. The first lasted 10 days and ended in mid-June.

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