Record-breaking Weather Delays in July 2022: Impact on European Flights and Airports

2023-08-09 11:00:57

Delays due to bad weather were multiplied by 2.5 in July compared to July 2022, while the number of flights only increased by 7% over one year.

Bad weather, mainly thunderstorms, which hit Europe in July led to an increase in aircraft delays on the continent, Eurocontrol, the European air traffic monitoring body, announced on Tuesday.

Delays due to bad weather were multiplied by 2.5 in July compared to July 2022 while the number of flights, which for the first time exceeded one million since September 2019 with 1.019 million take-offs and landings, did not grew by only 7% over one year.

6% increase in delay per flight in July

“The main impact comes from convective storms (thunderstorms etc.), especially in Germany, Hungary and Serbia”, according to the organization bringing together 41 countries on the continent. These stormy masses, charged with electricity and conducive to strong winds, can lead pilots to deviate from their planned trajectory, causing delays.

In total, the delay per flight increased by 6% in July, but it fell by 23% if weather delays are not taken into account, notes Eurocontrol. Last summer, the resumption of air traffic in Europe had been the source of significant delays, many companies and airports not being ready to welcome the increase in passengers after the pandemic.

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