Record temperatures in Britain; Heatwave and wildfires in France and Spain; Worries in Europe

Record temperatures in Britain; Heatwave and wildfires in France and Spain; Worries in Europe

London: Record rise in temperature in Europe. Temperatures in Britain reached close to 40 degrees yesterday.

The previous day’s temperature was 38.1 degrees Celsius (100.6 Fahrenheit). Experts point out that it may rise above 40 degrees in the coming days.

38.7 degrees Celsius recorded in Cambridge in 2019 is currently the highest temperature recorded in Britain. But meteorologists say that this year it will be corrected.

At the same time, the temperature has reached 40 degrees in Britain, which is a sign of global climate change, the UN agency World Meteorological Organization (World Meteorological Organization – WMO) says.

Following this, WMO has issued a ‘Red Warning’ in the country. This is the first time such a warning has been issued by the organization.

“Climate change is already affecting the UK’s temperature extremes. “The UK is 10 times more likely to record days of up to 40 degrees Celsius than the current natural climate,” the WMO said in a statement.

“Nights will be unusually hot from now on, especially in urban areas. This will have far-reaching effects on the people and infrastructure of the country.

Therefore, it is important for people to plan their lives and change their routines keeping in view the warmer weather. “This level of heat can have a negative impact on health,” said Paul Gundersen, WMO’s chief meteorologist for Britain.

UN chief Antonio Guterres also warned the other day that half of humanity is in the danger zone, facing floods, droughts, storms and forest fires.

Meanwhile, apart from Britain, Spain and France are also seeing a big increase in temperature. Caused by wildfires and heat waves. Reports are also coming out that there is a severe water shortage in Portugal.

Record temperatures were recorded in Scotland and Northern Ireland last day. This is also causing great concern in Europe.

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