Recycled Wafer Sanxiong Rotation of Sand Belt Volume Rising Strongly to a 15-Year High | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

As the demand for recycled wafers continues to boom, group stocks such as China Sands (1560-TW), Xin Yun (3583-TW), Rising Sun (8028-TW) Sanxiong has been favored by funds this week. Among them, Zhongsha has the strongest performance. Friday’s final attack on the rising limit, the heavy volume rose 19.41% in a single week, setting a new high in 15 years.

RS Technologies, a global regenerated wafer manufacturer, announced last week that it will simultaneously expand production in Taiwan, Japan, and China, and plans to extend it all the way to 2024, symbolizing the sharp rise in demand for regenerated wafers in the next few years, and especially optimistic about Taiwan’s growth momentum.

In response to the rapid growth demand, the Taiwan factory has also actively increased production. China Sands expanded its recycled wafer production capacity by about 30,000 wafers last year, with an overall monthly production capacity of 300,000 wafers. Nowadays, with the capacity utilization rate being full, the supply continues to be in short supply, and the freight rate remains high, In the second quarter, prices were raised to customers again.

Zhongsha broke through the consolidation pattern this week, attacking along the 5th line, and on Friday, the daily limit was lit up, closing at 152.5 yuan, and the weekly trading volume also exploded to a large number of 106,000. In terms of the three major legal persons, foreign investment and investment trust are the buyers. , foreign investors swept 8,968 sheets, 1,431 sheets for investment letters, and 166 sheets for self-employed traders.

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