Red Bull F1 Adrian Newey “We are lucky for F1 to be on par with Ferrari’s new car”[F1-Gate .com]

Adrian Newey, Chief Technology Officer of Red Bull Racing, is fortunate for F1 that Red Bull and Scuderia Ferrari designed a new car with very similar performance at the start of the new F1 regulation cycle in 2022. I think it is.

With the introduction of a radical F1 regulation change in 2022 after Red Bull and Mercedes continued to fight for the title until the final round, it is possible that one team will run alone at the front of the field with rivals. There was concern that there was.

However, despite the turbulent rule change period, Red Bull and Ferrari fought a close race in the first two races, and after a long battle, they scored one in each Grand Prix.
Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey explained that it was probably fortunate for F1 to have created an equal car for the two teams.

“At this point, the good luck with F1 is that we have two teams, Ferrari and us, and they are performing very similar in the first two races,” Adrian Newey told the F1 Nation podcast. rice field.

“And it’s clear that it gave a good race.”

Red Bull and Ferrari appear to have a greater advantage than the current next fastest team, Mercedes, while Adrian Newey is being developed by other teams to further expand their design potential. We expect the entire field to converge over time as we begin to utilize it.

“A series of such major regulation changes will inevitably result in a very sharp curve at first,” said Adrian Newey.

“Perhaps this season and the next season, it will gradually start to level off. It’s the nature of any major regulation change.”

“Of course, this year is unusual compared to the previous year due to the fact that it has a cost cap and needs to be developed within a tight budget, and presents its own difficulties and challenges, however. It’s the same for everyone. ”

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