Red Bull F1 introduces engine cover that looks like a new shape “shelf” / British Grand Prix[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Racing will upgrade at the 2022 F1 Round 10 British Grand Prix. What looks like a “shelf” along the engine cover installed an interesting solution.

The Red Bull RB18, which appeared in Silverstone, has undergone a major change in the shape of the bodywork where the side pod and engine cover meet. This creates a unique channel of airflow, both on the side pods and on the Halo shawler.

By creating this “shelf”, the team will be able to separate the airflow passages on the top of the side pods.

Interestingly, Red Bull Racing’s sister team, AlphaTauri, has taken this “shelf” approach early in the season. Also, similar to the Alpha Tauri, the position of the upper cooling louver panel has been changed to isolate the heat discharged from the panel from the airflow passing through the side pods.

In addition, the engine cover outlet is lifted and flattened to provide a much more pronounced undercut in the cork bottle area, which can be expected to improve floor and beam wing performance.

In addition, Red Bull Racing continues to optimize floor packages, pursuing small but meaningful ways to improve airflow conditions for the team’s overall profits on strakes and floor edges. Modifications have been made. This season, the F1 team is leveraging the panel section of the floor to allow these changes to be made quickly without having to remanufacture the entire structure.

Changes have also been made to the RB18’s front brake assembly, with the caliper design modified to avoid being overly affected by the temperature of other nearby components. This is consistent with the recently added caliper and brake disc shroud surface treatments, which helps manage heat exchange.

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Red Bull Racing F1 British Grand Prix

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