Red Bull F1 Representative “Lightening the RB18 is an upgrade priority”[F1-Gate .com]

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative, presents the main goals of the RB18 update. He said Ferrari he weighs his strengths with the F1-75 and aims to be many kilometers lighter than the car.

Max Verstappen won his second straight victory in Miami, closing the gap with Charles Leclerc to 19 points. Red Bull Racing is also catching up with Scuderia Ferrari by 6 points in the Constructors’ Championship.

Red Bull Racing has momentum, but Christian Horner said weight reduction is a priority for team engineers.

“I saw how quickly things could move in Imola. I think there are some interesting races in the future. The car is running well. Some developments were done in the second half of the summer and Hope that helps too. We need to make it a little lighter. “

“It’s always something that can be improved everywhere. We need to improve slow corners. We need to drop a few kilos from the car. Tire degradation is a result of weight, so we’re always chasing those small gains little by little. There “

Red Bull Racing is worried about its reliability as Max Verstappen has experienced two re-ears and Sergio Perez has experienced one re-ear. Christian Horner assured that the “irritating” engine problems that led to all retirements would be resolved immediately.

“I don’t think this car is particularly fragile. I think it’s just a small problem that was normally seen in the pre-season test.”

“It’s frustrating, but we’re working closely with HRC (Honda) and they’re giving us a lot of support.”

Looking ahead to the F1 Spanish Grand Prix, Christian Horner says he expects the advantage to swing towards Scuderia Ferrari on a circuit with many mid- and high-speed corners.

“It’s an even battle, Barcelona is a whole new challenge, we know that Ferrari is strong in the field with high speed corners. Mochi is a mochi shop. This circuit (Miami) was suitable for us. We were able to get it to work and get results, “said Christian Horner.

When it comes to the development war, Christian Horner called it “cruel” because of rising component manufacturing costs.

“With this year’s budget cap, it’s very difficult to achieve continuous development. Especially in the current state of inflation, it’s cruel, so you have to choose when to deploy the components.”

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