Red Cross President is pleased to receive two million euros from the Austrian government for humanitarian aid in Syria and neighboring regions

2023-11-15 14:47:06

Creator: “In addition to the current crises, we must not forget the millions of people who have been suffering from disasters for years. They still need humanitarian assistance.”

Vienna (OTS) Vienna (Red Cross): “The media attention after a crisis or catastrophe disappears just a few days after the event, but the people’s need remains. And often for years. “Continued support in affected regions such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan is all the more important,” said Gerald Creator, President of the Austrian Red Cross.

The Austrian Federal Government is supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross with two million euros from the Foreign Disaster Fund.

In Syria, the population is suffering from the dramatic effects of the 12-year conflict, a massive economic crisis and the effects of the pandemic. Then in February 2023 there was the devastating earthquake, which presented the population with further massive challenges. Many people are therefore fleeing to Lebanon.
“Lebanon takes in proportionally the most refugees in the world and is therefore reaching the limits of its resources. The situation is getting worse due to the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip and Israel as well as the effects of the climate crisis. The same applies to Jordan. Local assistance through the provision of relief supplies and cash assistance as well as strengthening local capacities is therefore essential. The financial support from the Austrian government enables the expansion of urgently needed humanitarian aid in countries that may have disappeared from the media radar but are no less dependent on our help,” said Creator.

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