Red Cross will provide medical care to journalists by agreement with the CNP Caracas

Caracas.- Journalists residing in Caracas will be able to receive medical attention from the Venezuelan Red Cross, thanks to an agreement that this institution signed with the National College of Journalists (CNP), Caracas Section. The information was released on Tuesday, October 6.

According to a CNP press release, medical attention will be provided in the Carlos J Bello Hospital, located in La Candelaria parish, and will have the specialties of internal medicine, gastroenterology, traumatology, urology, gynecology, obstetrics, plastic surgery, dentistry, laboratory, blood bank and physiotherapy.

Mario Villarroel, president of the Venezuelan Red Cross, stated that they are developing permanent work with a vocation and mystique to provide the best service to people, especially the most vulnerable sectors.


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For its part, Edgar cardenas, Secretary General of the Caracas sectional CNP, expressed his gratitude to the directors of the CRV for the materialization of this agreement, in which they have been working for almost a year.

“From the CNP we continue developing different actions for the benefit of communication professionals. Currently there is a day of attention in ophthalmology that began on October 1 and ends on October 31, through an agreement with Leo’s Optics, located at the El Marqués Unicentro ”.

Journalists who require the services should go directly to the headquarters of the Venezuelan Red Cross or call the union’s telephone number: 0212-7937748.

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Drafting El PitazoHealth

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