Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form! 5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Just announced the good news of a new contract before bringing the team’s unbeaten visit to Newcastle United at St James’ Park on Saturday, April 30, where they need to grab 3 points to pass. The pressure on Manchester City, who competed afterwards, while “Salika Dong” now has to say that it is in a very strong form. and is fully committed to quenching the dream of winning 4 champions of the “Reds” as well

1. Encouragement doubled after good news.

Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form!  5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

Now there’s no good news for Reds fans and all the players as much as Klopp’s announcement of a two-year contract extension that will keep him at the reins until 2026. This is a clear indication of the direction the German coach wants to continue his success.

Klopp’s decision to stay at Liverpool in this way lays the foundation for the Reds to be strong for many years to come. And it also shows that he wants to lead the club to more honors.

Of course, Klopp’s reign from 2024 to 2026 will benefit key players who have yet to extend their contracts, such as Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane. , Roberto Firmino, Naby Keita and James Milner, as they are likely to be willing to shake off the ink over new contracts because the captaincy is committed to his future at the club.

Importantly, Klopp is at Anfield for a long time. Should be a charm to attract new players, intense pace, wanting to move to play with Liverpool because many players want to have the opportunity to work with the boss with a bloody smile on his face, Deutsch.

2. Newcastle’s strong form

Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form!  5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

Now who says Newcastle United are inferior to Liverpool, you need to think again. Because the work of the army “Salika Dong” is considered the hottest. And the visiting team must not be underestimated, otherwise there may be a chance to shed tears.

Eddie Howe’s team produces good quality results. They have the chance to win five consecutive Premier League games for the first time since November 2014, when Alan Pardew was in charge and beat Liverpool at home.

The highlight of their play at St James’ Park is that they have won six consecutive league games. Of course, their home ground is a dangerous territory for any visiting team. However, the Magpies have a drawback in that they have lost five league games this season against the team. top four at this time

Another thing that makes Liverpool appear to have an advantage against Newcastle is that the hosts have never spelled a win in 10 of their league games against Jürgen Klopp’s side (D4 L6). game) However, this may be the point where “Salika Dong” is determined to defeat them.

3. Salah’s best at “Salika Dong” must be careful

Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form!  5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

Mohamed Salah has returned to his confidence after a long period of stagnation. By his work at this time, I must say that it is extremely hot. And it is therefore not uncommon for him to receive the Football Reporters’ Association’s Player of the Year award for the 2021/2022 season. (FWA)

Banmo’s performance has been extraordinary this season, with 30 goals and 14 assists in 44 matches and has played a key role in the Reds’ contenders. Make history, win 4 championships in one season. After occupying 1 event, that is the Carabao Cup.

Meanwhile, Salah continues to lead as the top scorer in the league. With 22 goals and 13 assists, this is certainly his top performance at the club. And this is a guarantee of the danger that the home defensive line must be careful to take care of.

As for the record against Newcastle United, he has scored six goals in his last seven league games, but the “King of Egypt” has only scored once in a Premier League game at St James’ Park.

4. Maximin-Shelvey unusual form

Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form!  5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

Allan Saint-Maximin is one of the players that the back four “Reds” must keep an eye on because of its speed, strength and agility would create more or less problems for the visiting team’s defensive line

The form of a French blood star is in an uptrend By his style would make the Liverpool defender. must be awake all the time Because if only for a split second, there is a chance that this young man will touch the ball and snatch it away.

Another player who is equally dangerous is Jonjo Shelvey, the Liverpool veteran. which is expected to have actually played in this game And will act in the middle of the game for the home team And his specialty is aggressive play as well as dangerous and accurate long shots.

While Kieran Trippier, although recovered from injury, has returned to practice. But for this game, it may be too early for Callum Wilson can not play in this game. Therefore, if looking at the strength of the host right now, it may be a disadvantage.

5. The path of history continues to be exciting or has begun to falter.

Reds full of smoke, Salika Dong good form!  5 things to do before Liverpool vs Newcastle

One of the issues that many people are still excited about is seeing Liverpool win four trophies this season. Which has never been done by any team before in the history of football Therefore, the result of this game is very important.

If “Reds” can invade to collect 3 points as needed That will continue the excitement of the greatest success. It also puts pressure on Manchester City to play behind them.

Don’t forget that “Blue Sailboat” still has a fairly heavy program. Because in addition to visiting Leeds United, now the results are starting to get better and better. Pep Guardiola’s team still face a trip to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League, where they still have a chance of qualifying despite their first four home games. -3 as well

As for Liverpool, it’s not a light job because they still have to visit Villarreal and follow up with Tottenham Hotspur. Most importantly, they still have to play 3 days per game, which if conditions the body is not ready or a key player is injured May affect the chance to win 4 championships ever

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