Reduced, Liverpool teach Leicester a lesson

This is called a one-sided match. This shock of the 9th day of the Premier League was ultimately not one as Liverpool dominated the proceedings head and shoulders. Unable to exist on the Anfield lawn, Leicester suffered a surge of red waves (23 shots), prompting an on-home goal from Jonny Evans as well as goals from Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino (3-0) . The result: the Reds join Tottenham at the top of the Premier League, while the Foxes drop to fourth.

Premier League

Without strength and defenselessness, can Liverpool still be champions?


There are nights like this where Liverpool seem unbeatable. Launched in their quest for a double after a checkered start to the season, Jürgen Klopp’s proteges had apparently noted this confrontation against Leicester with a red cross on their calendar. And it quickly felt. Completely untenable from the kick-off, the Reds outrageously dominated the meeting, offering 90 minutes of cold sweats to Kasper Schmeichel. The Foxes goalkeeper, who suffered the trifle of 13 shots on target, first had to win in front of Jones (9th) before slamming an attempt from Diogo Jota (13th).

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Intenables Reds

Completely cornered by the English champions, the Foxes defense gave in shortly after, on a head against his camp from Jonny Evans, to the duel with Sadio Mané during a corner from the right (1-0 , 21st). And Leicester’s ordeal was not over, far from it. Unable to chain more than three assists, the players of Brendan Rodgers conceded the goal of the break on a header from Diogo Jota, who arrived launched to catapult a center of Robertson into the net of Schmeichel (2-0, 41st) , ending a first one-sided period.

And nothing changed when we returned from the locker room. Transcended on their Anfield lawn, the Reds continued to take their opponents by the throat, starting the second period on the floor, with attempts from Diogo Jota (46th) and Sadio Mané (54th) repelled by the Foxes goalkeeper. Very leggy this Sunday evening, Roberto Firmino, who hit the post twice, first on a close range header (56th), then on a sumptuous cross strike (76th) appeared frustrated at not joining the Party.

But his relentlessness was rewarded when he recovered a corner from Milner at the penalty spot to score the third goal of the Reds with a powerful header in the small net of Schmeichel (3-0, 86th) and complete the superb performance of his team. The reigning champions of England, impressive, regain the place they left at the end of last season: at the top of the Premier League standings, along with Tottenham. Bodes well for three days of hosting Atalanta Bergamo in the Champions League.

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Atalanta hooked by La Spezia before going to Liverpool

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“If you want good football then give the guys some rest”

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