Reforming Supplementary Social Protection: A Look at the Ministry of Armed Forces’ Call for Tenders and United Front of Affinity Insurers

2023-09-19 16:53:55

The reform of supplementary social protection (PSC), which involves the establishment of a compulsory collective scheme of supplementary social health protection, must come into force on January 1, 2025. It is within this framework that the Ministry of the Armed Forces has launched a call for tenders arousing the appetite of affinity groups and other insurers.

The market is juicy. The scope of the call for tenders concerns approximately 370,000 civilian and military nationals of the ministry, without counting their beneficiaries! In order to put all the chances on their side, three of the four historical affinity mutual societies of the Ministry of Defense have chosen to form a united front to land this interesting six-year contract.

Everyone has their own perimeter

An agreement specifying the obligations and the role of each party in terms of health risk coverage, prevention and social actions for the personnel concerned, was signed between the three mutualists. The objective is to play on complementarity in order to “provide a response covering all the needs of the Ministry of the Armed Forces” by focusing on the strengths of each, underline those involved in a joint press release.

Thus, Harmonie Mutuelle, well positioned in the social protection of the civilian Defense community and specialist in collective schemes, complements the historical skills of AGPM in health insurance for soldiers under individual contracts and of Klesia Mut’, specialist in collective schemes of branch and second branch insurer of the civilian Defense community.

For the record, the four insurers or groups of insurers listed since 2017 by the Ministry of the Armed Forces were: Unéo, an affinity mutual of the Defense community, Fortego which brings together AGPM, Klesia Mut’ and Allianz vie, Harmonie Mutuelle, and finally Internal.

The contract award should be notified in December 2023.

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