Regional in Ile-de-France: Bardella, the surprise guest

He was not to go. Yet here it is, and with rather flattering polls in a region that has never been favorable to the National Rally. After being the revelation of the Europeans in 2019, Jordan Bardella, 25, is again at the top of the list for the regional in Île-de-France, on June 20 and 27.

“At the start, I didn’t want to be a candidate. I wanted to leave the chance I had in the Europeans to others, he assures us. But, with polls which give us 48% in the second round of the presidential election, we must put all the horses in the battle. The regional ones are the last pit stop before 2022. So I made the decision to go. “

The strategy is clear: to put forward the theme of security, which is not really a prerogative of the region, at the center of the campaign. And it seems to be working. According to our April 11 poll, voters put crime at the top of their concerns. But not yet, for the time being, enough to shake the favorite, Valérie Pécresse, given 34% in the first round. Twice the score awarded to Jordan Bardella.

The RN candidate congratulates himself on his dynamics. “We were at 11% at the start of the campaign, we are at 17-19% today, enthuses the candidate. Valérie Pécresse is stagnating, the dynamic is on our side. We managed to create a surprise. “But Jordan Bardella knows it: to go further, we must” improve our image with the middle classes and CSP + “. Because, in the second round, the party has no reserves of votes. “Don’t be fooled by cartoons. Go see for yourself. A large part of your ideas are ours, ”he tells them. And this advice to abstainers: “To complain is good; voting is better. “


Key figures in Ile-de-France

Number of departments: 8

Number of inhabitants: 12 244 807

Unemployment rate : 7.7% (of the labor force in the 4th quarter of 2020)

GDP per capita (in 2018): 58 922 euros

Abstention in 2015 in the 1st round: 54,1 %

Abstention in 2015 in the 2nd round: 45,5 %

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