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Rehabilitates and modernizes Isssteson seven Internal Medicine rooms of the Chávez Hospital

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Hermosillo, Sonora; September 27, 2022.- Completely renovated, modernized and with safe facilities for beneficiaries and medical personnel, the Internal Medicine area of ​​the “Dr. Ignacio Chávez” of Isssteson, after a total rehabilitation that included its seven hospitalization rooms, including the two rooms where there was an outbreak of fire on September 9.

Jesús Manuel Acuña Méndez, general director of the institution, gave personal follow-up to the work carried out throughout the rehabilitation process, in which walls were opened, new pipes for medical gases were installed, the electrical wiring was changed and ordered, contacts were placed , switches and new lamps.

In addition, the size of the doors of each room was modified to facilitate the exit of hospital beds and local modules were installed to close medical gas valves in the event of an emergency.

In these actions, the safety of the patients was privileged at all times and the regulations required by civil protection authorities in the city and state were complied with.

“In compliance with the specific instructions of Governor Durazo, I ordered the head of Services at the hospital so that they have us fully mapped infrastructure, electricity, oxygen, medicinal gases, that is key,” said the head of Isssteson, who explained that it is of an in-depth review of the hospital to improve the spaces and make them more efficient for the benefit of the entitlement.

“It is the ER, on the one hand. There, we are going to do an important job. There is a project to expand emergencies. Here we depend on them also assigning us the budget for it. Also, while we are talking right now, we are working on improvements in the Intensive Care area”, explained Acuña Méndez.

Today, the Internal Medicine area of ​​the Hospital «Dr. Ignacio Chávez”, which has seven fully rehabilitated and modernized rooms, as well as 35 census beds, began receiving patients from specialties such as Neurology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, among others, to continue their treatment in that area.

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