REI DKI Jakarta Plans to Focus on Development of Hotels, Resorts and Residential Areas in Labuan Bajo – 2024-05-05 19:06:40

REI DKI Jakarta is interested in investing in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (MI/Palce Amalo)

DKI Jakarta Association of Indonesian Real Estate Companies (REI) expressed its interest in investing in the super priority tourism destination (DPSP) Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.

Apart from looking at the possibility of building hotels and resorts in Labuan Bajo, REI DKI Jakarta is also looking at the potential for residential development to support tourism potential in the area.

Chairman of the REI DKI Jakarta Regional Management Council (DPD) Arvin F Iskandar said that the increasing number of workers in the future as a tourism support resource in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings will definitely require representative housing areas.

“Several REI member companies have also played a role as investors in building hotels and resorts in Labuan Bajo, such as Triniti Land through PT Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk which will develop world-class tourism areas in Tana Mori, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara,” said Arvin in his statement, Tuesday (30/4).

Investment growth in Labuan Bajo is said to be increasingly encouraging. Since being designated as one of the super priority tourism destinations in Indonesia, the development of tourism support facilities such as hotels and resorts in Labuan Bajo has continued to grow.

The area that is of great interest to investors is the northern side of the city of Labuan Bajo, where a number of international standard hotels are being built. Apart from being close to Komodo Airport, the northern area also has beautiful sea panoramas.

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Apart from that, the Golo Mori area is also being looked at by a number of investors because apart from its enchanting natural beauty, this location will also become a Special Economic Zone (KEK).

The high level of investment in the hotel accommodation sector in Labuan Bajo is also influenced by the implementation of various national and international scale activities. This is coupled with the provision of infrastructure to support investment activities in Labuan Bajo which is also getting better.

“That’s what we think is becoming a magnet for investors to start looking at Labuan Bajo. Likewise with the Golo Mori area which will become a SEZ. “REI DKI Jakarta, in celebrating REI’s 52nd anniversary, is not only going on a tour, but inviting its members to see firsthand the development of Labuan Bajo, especially the development of the Golo Mori area which will become a SEZ,” said Arvin.

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“On this occasion, we visited the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in Golo Mori. REI DKI Jakarta wanted to know up close, how interesting this area will be in the future,” he added.

During the visit to ITDC Tana Mori, REI DKI Jakarta invited several well-known developers, including Kompas Gramedia Group, Intiland Development, Agung Podomoro, Ciputra, Gapura Prima, Pembangunan Jaya, and others.

Arvin hopes that after this visit several REI DKI Jakarta members who are professional decision makers in their respective companies can follow up on this and make business decisions. (Z-10)

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