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More time than expected passed, but finally the Colombian Football Federation confirmed Reinaldo Rueda as the new coach of the Colombian National Team, replacing Carlos Queiroz.

The FCF made official the announcement that it had not been able to make before due to the negotiations of Rueda’s departure from the Chilean team.

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Finally everything was in order, Reinaldo Rueda officially disassociated himself from now assumes the position of Colombian coach.

The DT and the Chilean Federation announced on Wednesday that their departure had been resolved. Both parties sent messages through their social networks confirming the information.

“My special thanks to all the players, who gave me their integrity to achieve the desired goal. To them, my admiration for their dedication and respect for the team and our work, “he said.

Rueda’s great challenge is qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, For that, he will have to straighten out the path of the National Team, which comes from losing in a resounding way two games, against Uruguay and Ecuador.

In March, Colombia will face Brazil and Paraguay, on days five and six of the tie.

The new Colombian coach was born in Cali on April 16, 1957. Among his studies stands out: a degree in Physical Education and Health at the Universidad del Valle, and a master’s degree in Sports from the German Sports School.

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Reinaldo Rueda in 2006 with the National Team.

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Among its outstanding titles are remembered the Copa Libertadores de América 2016 and the Recopa Sudamericana 2017 with Atlético Nacional.

He led the Colombian under-20 team to third place in the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in 2003, He qualified the Honduran team to the 2010 South Africa World Cup and Ecuador to Brazil 2014.

In 2006 he was appointed driver of the senior team and was very close to qualifying for the World Cup in Germany, quota that escaped him by a single point, after four games directed.

His role in Chile was questioned. The good results did not always accompany him, so he had a lot of resistance. Once the departure of Carlos Queiroz from the Colombian national team was announced, Rueda’s name began to sound very strong.

After several meetings, the arrival of the Colombian team was finalized.

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