Reito Taguchi’s Instagram Announcement: Staying with Yakult Swallows for Next Season

2023-11-14 12:06:19

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Yakult pitcher Reito Taguchi, who was granted domestic free agent rights this season, announced on his Instagram on the 14th that he will remain with the team. During a live broadcast, he said, “I was worried about whether or not to exercise, but I have decided to continue working with the Yakult Swallows next year.”

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This season, he pitched in 50 games for Yakult, posting a record of 3 wins, 5 losses, 33 saves, and an ERA of 1.86. At Samurai Japan’s training camp on the 6th, he said, “I feel more needed than being evaluated. I’m more happy to be needed.”

As for the deciding factor in staying, he said, “The point I had completely decided on was when I received a direct phone call from Coach Takatsu, and he said words that really stuck with me.“Let’s do this together.I will definitely support you in any way possible.” I’ll keep him.” Hearing him say that really hit home for me. In that sense, the conversation made me want to play an active role with the Yakult Swallows next year and win the championship after receiving such good words from Coach Takatsu. I wonder if that was the case. I can only be grateful.”

He also revealed that the performance he performed during his victory will be sealed. “I think it’s natural that there are people who don’t like it, so I won’t do it.I’m graduating now.I won’t let other players do it either.After winning the game, I can properly wave my hand and report my victory.” I will do that,” he said.

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