relive the overwhelming victory of the RCT in Anoeta

Sunday March 31


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Toulon is back in fourth place and it’s time for us to close this live, see you soon.


It’s over, Toulon crushes Bayonne at Anoeta! (46-10, End)

Bayonne was pushed around. GAIZKA IROZ / AFP

The Aviron Bayonnais nightmare ends, the RCT is back and is hurting Anoeta very badly with the offensive bonus at stake.


The fourth Toulon try! (10-46, 71st)

On the left wing, the relay between Ollivon and Fainga’Anuku resulted in a try from the latter, who went to flatten on the left of the goal. Jaminet transforms, it’s a demonstration.


Serin is replaced by Danglot (69th)

The man of the Toulon evening gives up his place.


Bayonne still in difficulty (10-39, 67th)

The blues and whites are still in trouble after failing to achieve a strong performance in front of the Toulon line.


The video of Serin’s test


Three more points, the addition is steep for Bayonne (10-39, 56th)

At 20 meters from the poles, Jaminet put some more complicated ones than this one.


Jean-Baptiste Gros comes into play (53rd)

The French pillar takes the place of Dany Priso.


Another penalty from Jaminet (10-36, 52nd)

From 55 meters, Jaminet continued his momentum and added 3 points to the Toulon counter.


First rotations for Grégory Patat

The coach of Bayonne chooses to bring back: Bourdeau, Martocq, Cormenier and Giudicelli. For Huguet, Baget, Perchaud and Bosch.


Serin enhances his return with a try! (10-33, 45th)

Back, Serain does good in the game, and scores a try after intercepting the ball, he goes straight to flatten. Jaminet transforms again!


Toulon widens the gap (10-26, 41st)

From the start, they put the pressure on and recovered a penalty scored by Jaminet, 10-26.


It’s back to Anoeta (10-23, 40th)

The second half kicks off with the Toulonnais who are leading for the moment.


It’s the break in San Sebastian (10-23, MT)

Toulon is very convincing and reflects its good performance with two tries and great domination with the ball. Bayonne is in difficulty.


Second Toulon try! (10-23, 39th)

Alainu’uese concludes the highlight of the RCT which persisted for a long time in front of the Bayonne line, before finishing on the right of the goal. Jaminet transforms, 10-23!


in video, the Bayonne try scored by Iturria


New penalty for Toulon (10-16, 30th)

Jaminet achieves a 4/4 and gives his team 3 points.


In video, Paia’aua’s test


Bayonnais test! (10-13, 25th)

Iturria took the ball behind the ruck and concluded the very good local sequence, after pushing for a long time. Lopez transforms, Rowing returns to 10-13.


Paia’aua scores the first try of the game! (3-13, 20th)

In midfield, Pai’aua’s nice interception allowed him to go straight to the opposing line, he had a clear field. Jaminet transforms, 13-3 for the RCT.


Bayonne reduces the gap (3-6, 18th)

The referee returned to the penalty after Tiberghien’s slip, Lopez did not tremble.


Tiberghien slipped (0-6, 17th)

Setting off at full speed after breaking the Toulon defensive section, number 15 slipped. It’s already the second time.


The RCT insists (0-6, 15th)

The Toulonnais continue their good start and continue to put pressure on the opposing camp, Bayonne holds on.


Toulon increases the gap! (0-6, 8th)

New penalty for Jaminet, and new points for the visitors who deprive Bayonne of the ball for the moment.


The RCT takes the score (0-3, 5th)

Successful penalty for Jaminet from 25 meters. Toulon is rewarded for its good start.


Already two ahead of Bayonne (0-0, 2nd)

After two short minutes of play, two scrums were already played after attacks by Bayonne players.


Let’s go to Anoeta! (0-0, 1st)

This closing match of the 20th day of Top 14 can begin, gentlemen.


Final adjustments before the shock


Bayonne between top 6 and red zone

10th in the standings, Aviron Bayonnais must win this evening, if they do not want to start looking towards the bottom of the table. With 43 points, they are closely followed by Lyon, winner of UBB, and Clermont, who lost against Racing (42 pts each). However, Bayonne remains undefeated this season at home, and even in a relocated meeting in San Sebastián, they have home advantage.

They remain on a short success by the smallest of margins against Stade Rochelais (13-12). Just three points behind their evening opponent, they have the opportunity to move to 6th place – occupied by Toulont – as the ranking is tight. Victory which would allow them to return to the race for the final stages.


Baptiste Serin, the man who can change everything for Toulon

Like a gust of wind on a house of cards. On December 9 in the Champions Cup, international scrum-half Baptiste Serin was seriously injured in the right shoulder. Verdict, a dislocation and a few months of absence. And much more than that. After a promising start to the season under the leadership of new manager Pierre Mignoni, the Var were in 2nd place in the championship before the injury of their playing leader. On the continental scene, the RCT was sadly eliminated in the group stages with the feeling that it had to do better.


The Aviron Bayonnais lineup!


Hello and welcome to all !

At the end of this 20th day of Top 14, Aviron Bayonnais and Toulon face off at Anoeta in a gala match.

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