Remarried with a young man, a girl with 1 child cried when she read the “rules of being a bride” of her mother-in-law

When I was 20 years old, I got married, my youth suddenly stopped because I was pregnant before the wedding. Thoughts of marriage would be a rosy world but it’s all just my own thoughts. When I became a wife and mother, the conflicts in my husband’s family kept growing, making me suffocated and finally decided to divorce after 2 years of marriage.

After the divorce, I found myself more mature, the trauma in the past made me always wary of heterosexual relationships. 4 years after the divorce, I never dared to think about taking another step, my goal at that time was to earn a lot of money and take good care of my children.

I rushed to work, but then fate pushed me to meet Manh. He is the team leader at the company I work for, unmarried and 4 years older than me. He was always kind, caring and concerned for everyone. Seeing that I was often contemplative and quiet, he often asked questions and cared, so I gradually fell in love with him.

That’s why when he confessed to me, I was filled with happiness, but when I thought about the future, my heart was mixed with anxiety. I was afraid that the past would repeat, afraid that he would not truly love his child, fear that his family would object, etc. However, when I saw my son wrapped around Manh like a father and son, the worry in my heart poured out. halfway down and I finally agreed to accept his love.

Seeing my son entwined with Manh like a father and son, the anxiety in my heart seemed to have been reduced by half and I finally agreed to accept the invitation to love him. (Illustration)

When the two of us were thinking about getting married, I gathered up the courage to go home with Manh to debut. Sitting opposite Manh’s parents, I was afraid that his family would not accept a daughter-in-law who had been divorced and had a child of her own. Unexpectedly, his parents loved me very much, no one objected to me coming to Manh.

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– The children are grown up, will have their own thoughts and have to be responsible for their own decisions. Parents will not interfere. Marrying a single mother is not easy, if you have already decided, then you must love your wife, love Nguyet’s son (my name) like your own child, not bring up the past to talk or discriminate against you. share a child. Nguyet has suffered a lot of damage already, you have to love and make up for it.

Listening to Manh’s mother’s advice to him, my heart overflowed with indescribable emotions, both emotional and grateful. The two families quickly met and discussed marriage, everything went very smoothly. One day before the wedding, about a week before the wedding, Manh’s mother suddenly sent me a long text message stating a series of rules for being a bride.

– You are going to be my wife soon, and I also told you directly in advance about some of our house rules to avoid unnecessary friction in the future. First, the wedding gold given by both sides of the family, the wife and children keep it, the money for the wedding of the children, the child takes it, the mother only takes the envelope from the parents.

A girl with one child married a new man, before the wedding day, her mother-in-law gave a series of rules for being a bride, after reading it I burst into tears - Photo 2.

Reading the message sent by my mother-in-law, I knew that I had married into the right house. (Illustration)

Secondly, after getting married, they have to live with their parents for a year, when the house is finished, they move out. During this time, the children have to give their mother 2 million per month so that she can take care of the household expenses, and the mother will be left behind from clearing. The two children do not have to give extra money because both parents have pensions, even if they give it to their parents, they will not accept it.

Third, I don’t force you to get up early, you can sleep until you wake up at any time, but every time there is a family chore such as an anniversary or a holiday, you have to get up early to help your mother. On weekdays, the children go to work, the parents stay at home, they will clean the house, take care of the market, food and water, but the children’s bedroom is cleaned by themselves, which is the parents’ private space. will not enter.

Fourth, the children do not need to ask their parents’ permission where they go, but they must notify their parents for an hour to let these old grandparents know. Going out at night can’t come back after 11 o’clock, if you have to do it gently, your parents are old and it’s hard to sleep.

The last thing, no matter what happens, the two of you can’t bring up the past to argue with each other. Once a husband and wife, they must love and get along with each other. If there is an argument, the couple enters the room to close the door and tell each other that their parents will not intervene.

Everywhere I read, I cried. Since reading this message, I am even more sure that it is not wrong for me to marry Manh and become his wife. I have been married for 3 years now, moved out after a year living with my husband’s family. This house is located right next to the house of my husband’s parents, when we married my parents-in-law for the land to build a house, we collected more money to build it.

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Actually, after a year of living together, I don’t want to move out at all because living here is too comfortable. My parents defended me and loved my stepchild to the fullest, but partly because the house was built, it was a waste to not stay, partly because my parents-in-law “fired” so my wife and I had to go separate. However, because it’s close, my family always “eats” at my parents-in-law’s house every day, only to come back at night when I go to bed.

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