Remedy Entertainment’s Latest Update for Alan Wake 2: Patch Notes and Fixes

2023-11-09 13:46:52

Remedy Entertainment 1945274373b09d864bf2e6c48b has been working tirelessly to improve the performance of Alan Wake 2 since the game’s debut on October 27th. At the end of the day, although the game has only been out for 13 days, Remedy is already the tenth update for the game, and this one, like the various updates before it, is ironing out a lot of bugs and fixing a lot of issues. More than 100 to be exact. The latest patch notes reveal that missing VO lines have been fixed, HDR switching has been corrected, all Pat Maine shows can now be listened to, Alex Casey shouldn’t be in T-pose as much, player progress is no longer blocked by prank furniture, and indoors It won’t rain again. There’s also a bunch of platform- and mission-specific issues that have been corrected, so if anything’s been giving you grief lately, be sure to check out the full patch notes here.
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