“Remembering Ayman Al-Taweel: A Tribute to the Late Egyptian Lyric Poet and Songwriter”

2023-05-04 11:22:00

Widad Khamis

Thursday, May 04, 2023 02:22 PM

A short while ago, the funeral of the lyric poet took place Ayman Taweelwho left our world at the age of 42, after the noon prayer from the village of Shinbari in Oseem, Giza Governorate.

Singer Hussein Zakaria announced the death of the poet Ayman Al-Taweel through his Facebook account and wrote: “Goodbye, the good poet Ayman Al-Taweel. To God and to Him we shall return, please pray for him with mercy and forgiveness.”

Ayman Al-Taweel cooperated with a large number of artists, most notably: Ahmed Saad, Medhat Saleh, Hakim, Simsim Shehab, Amina, and he presented the song “Raqsuni Yaba” with Hakim and the song Amina Sahab Fashoush.

Lyrics of the song Dance Me Yaba

From the end, I am coming to simplify you

And I’m not going tonight

I don’t want anyone to see him

This watch is grimace

I’m J Fayek, my condition is fine

And my mood is set

And the world is sweet, I want someone

My poem is dancing

Dance me dad

Make me happy, dad

Dance me.. make me happy

Tonight is the best night

Tonight is a crazy night

Tell them no

Add joy to the alley

Tell them no

Joy led

It is once we live it once

It will never come again

Everyone raises his hand

And we make it fire

We want to let the joy go up

And we make an explosion

Dance me dad

Make me happy, dad

Don’t dance, make me happy

Tonight is the best night

Tonight is a crazy night

Finn dance

We want to sing and break out

And those who hate us will be fond

Who Yaba Yaba

Yaba Yaba

Leave him fond of Yaba Yaba

Leave it, Yaba, Yaba

Forget those who disturb your blood

Give a vacation for you

And leave it Yaba Yaba

On God, Yaba Yaba

Forget Yaba Yaba

Wella Yaba Yaba

Come on Come on

Dance me dad

Make me happy, dad

Dance me happy

Tonight is the best night

Tonight is a crazy night

Make me happy and dance with me

Rejoice, live, and be happy

Too much anger stops us

I rejoice yaba yaba

Farfash, Yaba, Yaba

Yaba Yaba grow up

Homeland Yaba Yaba

Yaba yaya yaba

Hey, who are you sitting on, don’t let them go to the one who arranged them

Be patient, oh, oh

You will be beautiful, dear father

And it remains sweeter Yaba Yaba

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