Remembering Joe Lindner: The Journey of a Famous Bodybuilder and Fitness Expert

2023-07-02 13:07:29

The famous bodybuilder and German fitness expert, Joe Lindner, known on the Internet as “Joesthetics”, died suddenly yesterday, Saturday, at the age of 30.

And his girlfriend, Nisha, revealed that he had complained of neck pain only a few days ago, and she wrote on social media: “Three days ago he kept saying that he was suffering from pain in his neck… We didn’t really realize that until it was too late.”

She added that Lindner died days after gifting her a custom-made necklace with her name.

The Sun newspaper said, according to Russia Today, that Lindner said weeks ago that he was afraid that excessive training would lead to a heart attack due to his rare muscle condition.

She explained that he suffered from a muscle muscle disease, where the muscles are unusually sensitive to movement or pressure.

Joe Lindner gained fame through the content he shared on social media, as he is followed on the “Instagram” platform alone by nearly nine million people.

He frequently publishes his exercises and training regimen.

Joe Lindner lived briefly in Dubai, before moving to Thailand, where he created much of the content that made him famous.

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