Remembering Phyllis Coates: Superman’s First Lois Lane Passes Away at 96

2023-10-13 22:28:31

We regret to report the death of Phyllis Coates, an actress who went down in history by becoming Superman’s first Lois Lane on film.

We have some hard news to give: this afternoon multiple sources confirmed the death of Phyllis Coates, a renowned actress born in Texas, United States, who had a long career with more than 145 credits in films and television shows. She will also be remembered as Superman’s first Lois Lane on the big screen.

The renowned actress lost her life at the age of 96 and according to statements by Laura Press, her daughter, this was due to natural causes due to her age. “She gave a lot to the industry and her career crossed many genres,” she revealed to People magazine, ensuring that her death was “very peaceful.”

One of his most famous works was in the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men, where his co-star, George Reeves, was in charge of bringing the Kryptonian to life in a black and white film, so we are facing the most famous pillars. important Superman events on the big screen.

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