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The folklorist from Salta Daniel Toroauthor of a large and renowned songbook whose maximum work is “Zamba to forget you”, died this Thursday in a hospital in the capital of Salta. He had been hospitalized there since April 28 with a picture of pneumonia that could not be reversed.

Family sources confided that the weak state of health that afflicted the musician years ago precipitated this last hospitalization in which he went through delicate trances which he was overcoming until he finally died.

Born on January 3, 1941 in Salta, Toro signed more than a thousand works, including true classics of the Argentine songbook and Hispanic American who were able to address both love and social issues.

The artist created romantic hymns such as “To go to find you” (along with Ariel Petrocelli), “My sad butterfly” and the aforementioned and highly covered “Zamba to forget you”, but it also gave an attractive pulse to the testimonial theme of pieces among which “Cuando tenga la tierra” (also with Petrocelli), “This American Christ” and “El antigal” (with Lito Nieva and Petrocelli) stand out.

Such a work was created in a relatively short time since Toro was one of the voices that the last civic-military dictatorship wanted to silence through censorship and then had to resort to the pseudonym Casimiro Cobos. In the middle of that chase, the musician suffered from throat cancer that caused him to lose his voice and kept him away from the stage.

“Some artists remain in the collective memory for just one song. In the case of Daniel, he is well known for ‘Zamba to forget you’ but We must add that he is Indian and that he was on stage for less than ten years, having to retire with forbidden songs. in the dictatorship and throat cancer. It’s like a lot of headwinds, right?” said the communicator Silvia Majul, author of the documentary The Namer (2021) that dimensioned the life and work of Toro.

Who was Daniel Toro: the salient points of his career

The musical path of the man from Salta began in 1959, integrating several local groups such as Los Tabacaleros, Los Forasteros, Los Viñateros and Los Nombradores. It was not until around 1966 that he began his solo career and a year later andAt the Cosquín National Folklore Festival, he received the Consecration Award.

Since then and in the following years, the artist published hugely successful songs among which are “The namer”, “Songs for my land”, “Songs for my people”, “A year of love”, “Rounds of love”, “When I have the land”, “Return to folklore”, “Proverbs of my town”, “Troubadour’s dream”, “The American Christ”, “Zamba to forget you”, “Deceived” and “Write me a letter”.

Part of that somewhat blurred legacy due to the passage of time and the long absence from the scenes, however, was rescued by the film by the production company El Jume where eloquent references contributed by current colleagues such as Teresa Parodi, Victor Heredia, Nadia LarcherAbel Pintos, Los Carabajal, Mariana Carrizo and Franco Ramirez.

Musicians from other genres such as Ricardo Mollo, Miguel Abuelo (thanks to unpublished material from the Miguel Abuelo Foundation) and Diego Torres.

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