René Malleville settles his accounts with Benjamin Castaldi and Jean-Michel Maire in TPMP, before bursting into tears – He also confirms his immediate departure from the show

Yesterday evening, René Malleville returned to “Touche pas à mon poste”, and explained himself with Jean-Michel Maire and Benjamin Castaldi, with whom the tension had risen the day before. The columnist reproached his two colleagues for making fun of him, and had threatened to leave the set, even the show.

The latter two first wanted to apologize to René Malville, assuring him that they were not making fun of him, that nothing was directed at him, but that it was a very special context.
When he spoke last night, René Malleville did not hide his emotion, and even burst into tears. “I talked a lot with my family. With my wife we ​​talked until 2 o’clock in the morning, who was crying like a madeleine. I’ve been married to an adorable woman for 53 years.” And to add, still very moved: “She is the queen of my family swarm. To see her cry like that, I could not stand”.

Before attacking Benjamin Castaldi, whom he also described as “morons” with Jean-Michel Maire. “You speak, you there! You are always laughing, for any subject! I told you about my aunt who was killed while falling in the mountain, you were breaking your stomach!”

Benjamin Castaldi, very annoyed by this accusation, wanted to answer immediately: “Not at all, it’s the story and the way you told it with its characters … Obviously, it’s tragic. But c ‘It’s funny what you do, it made me laugh but everyone was laughing, René! “.

But despite the apologies of Benjamin Castaldi and Jean-Michel Maire, and the request of the whole team including Cyril Hanouna to stay on the show, René Malleville confirmed his departure: “I decided to remain calm, not to to insult, to remain dignified and to do honor to the Marseillais (…) I am leaving this program with a lot of regrets “.

“There are many that I will miss, I will not quote them one by one …”, he continued.

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