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Rennstahl 853 Trail Gravel “Hawaii Edition”: Sensational …

The big rsn gravel bike test – part 6, bike 5

By Matthias Baumgartner

| Photo: Andreas Meyer

28.05.2021  | How beautiful Steel is (see the rsn test of the Bombtrack Audax), is also shown by our next steel racer in the test, this time from a small gravel bike test in the current issue of our print sister magazine “world of mtb”.


Die “Limited Hawaii Edition” des 853 Trail Gravel from Rennstahl is exclusively limited to 50 pieces and comes in a brightly colored robe. The sporty trimmed gravel bike rolls on 28-inch carbon wheels, i.e. 622 mm rims; Both the fork and the frame offer tire clearance for tires of up to 50 millimeters.

As usual with Rennstahl, you can configure the equipment yourself to a certain extent, but only the new Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 is available for the shift line. In combination with the 9-42 cassette, a gear range of 467 percent is achieved.

The Munich forge also gives the gravel bike the Campagnolo Ekar disc brake, which grips with 160 millimeter brake discs. The sporty geometry for trail adventures emphatically reinforces the built-in “BikeYoke” Vario support. In addition, this can be 853 Trail
Equip with a special falcon hunt titanium luggage rack. In conjunction with a mounted luggage rack, a Rennstahl carbon mudguard can also be mounted. Of course, bottle holders in the frame triangle are also possible.


In addition to gravel, forest and meadow paths, we show that 853 Trail Gravel also our local single trails in the Bavarian mountains. It is noticeable that the Rennstahl is super agile and agile in the field. The driving behavior is very direct; The bike can be accelerated lightly and maneuvered through narrow spaces.

The Vario support is a treat and gives you an increased feeling of security on the descent, especially on trails, and freedom of movement on the bike is also increased. The Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 groupset changes gears precisely and quickly. On steep driveways, we occasionally wanted a lighter gear: The gradation with a 40 chainring and the 9 to 42 cassette is quite tight.

The tires roll well on gravel and have good grip on forest and meadow soil. The brake grabs powerfully and decelerates sharply. The sitting position is pleasantly athletic and stretched, the handlebars allow different, comfortable grip positions, and the ergonomics are also very good. Overall: The colorful color design and the limited availability make it
853 Trail Gravel an exclusive pleasure that is guaranteed to cause a stir.

+ Vario support

+ Handling

+ Equipment

+ many fastening eyelets

+ five frame sizes

+ Optics and limitation

+/- easy mountain walk


price [Euro] 4356

Weight [kg] 11

Impeller size [Zoll] 28

additional Information

A. & A. Kirschner Fahrrad-Manufaktur GbR
Rathausplatz 13
85748 Garching

Phone: 089 88 90 36 51

Email: [email protected]
Internet: www.rennstahl-bikes.de

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