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Renting studios is more profitable than the rest of the investments

by archyde

The strong demand for studios is pushing owners to put their property up for rent. This type of property offers a rate of return between 6% and 10%, provided that it is well located and that the vacancy period is reduced.

The rental of real estate has taken over the acquisition in recent years. A trend due, among other things, to the rise in the prices of goods offered for sale and the decline in household purchasing power, this eternal story of the mismatch between supply and demand…
Many of them are therefore moving towards renting, breaking more and more the preconceived idea that Moroccans prefer to be owners than tenants. And it is precisely this trend that has prompted owners to rent out their studios and private individuals to acquire this type of property, in order to derive an attractive return. This change of situation represents a boon for certain promoters who, taking advantage of the situation, changed their vision and began to set up buildings with a component of studios mainly, in particular in Casablanca, in the Maarif district, Racine, Gauthier, Sidi Belyout , Sidi Maarouf…
Moreover, if we compare the rental yield of a studio to all the financial or other investments available, the first is one of the most interesting. Two reasons explain this finding. Firstly, the demand which does not weaken and which remains varied with young workers, students, expatriates…

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