Reparation of Atucha II: progress is made in the development of the nuclear power plant

2023-05-24 18:03:22

After the mechanical failure detected by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina (Nasa) in the reactor of the Atucha II nuclear power plant last October, the plant is preparing to return to operation.

In this context, we communicate with Ariel Maciela journalist specializing in economics, who spoke about the development of the nuclear power plant.

“The importance of putting Atucha back into operation is greatthere was a technical problem that paused its operation”, asserted Maciel, who later completed: “It was running at 60% of its powerthe repair was going to take up to 6 years”.

“They are in the final phase of the repair, 90% of the set-up was done with work and national inputs”, shot the interviewee. “In June the reactors start to start up,” he added.

Likewise, the journalist said that for each day that Atucha does not work, a turnover of 600 thousand dollars is lost. “The repair is being funded with the money of the public limited company that has state participation”he asserted.

“There is a space reserved for Atucha 3 but the financing to make the investment is lacking,” explained the interviewee. “If China enters the country’s nuclear power generation system, it could generate major geopolitical tension”, he concluded.

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