Replacement for Boeing 767 and 777: Airbus and Boeing are hoping for long-haul orders from United

United Airlines will only get eight new long-haul aircraft by 2027. Now the airline is considering a new order.

United Airlines is considering ordering new long-haul jets. Like the portal Airline Weekly reports, the management told the pilots at a meeting in early August that they would “now examine the requirements and possibilities for wide-bodied aircraft”. Recommendations for a possible order will be made later this year.

This is apparently to replace the airline’s older Boeing 767 and 777. The 38 Boeing 767-300 ER are 25.9 years old on average. The airline’s 19 Boeing 777-200s are 24.5 years old, and the airline’s 16 Boeing 767-400 ERs and 55 Boeing 777-200 ERs are also over 20 years old on average.

Airman availability important

Both the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 are therefore candidates for the order. Of course, a mix is ​​also possible. United has already placed firm orders for 45 A350-900s for delivery beginning in 2027. Eight Boeing 787-10s are scheduled to arrive this year and next, adding to the total of 63 Dreamliners of all versions that United already has. United also relies on both manufacturers for short and medium-haul routes.

The Boeing 777X is apparently not in the selection. Management said nothing about the size of the order, according to the report. Availability is likely to be an important point.

American and Delta faster

Because eight new aircraft by 2027 are significantly fewer than the competition expects. At the end of June, American had open orders for 43 Boeing 787s and Delta for a total of 41 Airbus A330 Neos and A350s. Many of the planes are expected to arrive in the next few years.

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