Report 232 fights on the Night of Velitas in Barranquilla

Despite the curfew decree for Noche de Velitas, adopted in Barranquilla to avoid mass gatherings and movement of people in the streets to prevent new infections by Covid-19, the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla reported the intervention of 232 fights in different sectors of the city during the celebration.

By way of balance, the commander of the Mebar, Brigadier General Ricardo Alarcón Campos, reported that during the party uniformed officers from the institution had to break up several fights in different areas.

The interventions took place after the same community reported the violation of the touch measure that was decreed.

“There were around 1,500 requests from the Police for different reasonsThe most common were due to high volumes in the sound systems and high crowds of people in different parts of the city, ”said the commander of the Mebar.

Similarly, General Alarcón explained that a total of 190 subpoenas were applied, eight firearms and 150 knives were seized with which “seven people were injured: five by knives and two by firearms.”

A total of 152 people were transferred to the Specialized Services Unit for Citizen Coexistence and Justice (UCJ) for different reasons, among them for disorders in the street, fights and for participating in agglomerations in public spaces, ”said the general.

The focus of alteration was in the neighborhoods of District 3 and 4 of the Police, such as El Bosque, Rebolo, Las Nieves and La Chinita.

A catch

During the special security operation, the high uniformed officer also reported the capture of one of the 20 most wanted men currently in Barranquilla.

This is Lean Fernando Newball Thyme, a naval engineer, who was required by the authorities for the crime of aggravated conspiracy for drug trafficking and manufacture.

The capture occurred in Carrera 38 with Calle 74, Betania neighborhood, north of the city.

Balance on roads

For his part, Colonel John Mirque, Barranquilla’s Traffic Section commander, delivered the mobility balance recorded during the weekend related to the celebration of Velitas Day.

“In terms of mobility and transportation, 49,905 vehicles entered the city and 56,115 left. During the operations on highways and highways, 1,162 subpoena orders and 224 immobilizations were notified, of which 18 were for driving while intoxicated, ”said the Traffic Commander.


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