Report Husband of Domestic Violence Case, Nindy Ayunda experienced bruises

JAKARTA,– Singer Nindy Ayunda reported her husband, Askara Parasady Harsono on suspicion KDRT at the South Jakarta Police some time ago.

From the statement of the Head of the South Jakarta Police Satreskrim, AKBP Jimmy Christian Samma said the report had been made since 19 December 2020.

“So the case was reported on December 19, 2020. From that report we conducted an investigation and conducted an examination of several witnesses,” Jimmy was quoted as saying on YouTube KH Inforainment, Saturday (30/1/2021).

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Based on the doctor’s post mortem, the singer of “Love Only One” was injured.

“(The result) again we asked the doctor, there was a bruise under his eyes,” said Jimmy.

“So what sister Nindy reported was bruised on her left arm and thigh. There was violence, “added Jimmy.

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Regarding when Nindy got the KDRT, the police could not explain it.

“So it has been several times but colleagues are all focused on being reported. We are referring to proof, “said Jimmy.


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