Report to the Attorney General.. the first move by the Medical Syndicate against Mido

10:31 p.m

Sunday 17 July 2022

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:
Two official sources with the Medical Syndicate revealed that a complaint had been submitted to the Public Prosecutor against Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former player of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, on charges of incitement against doctors.

Dr. Ihab Al-Taher, a member of the Medical Syndicate Council, said in exclusive statements to Masrawy, today, Sunday: “Indeed, an official complaint has been submitted to the Attorney General against Mido, and this will be announced on the union’s official Facebook page within hours.”

Mido had attacked doctors and the medical sector in Egypt, as a result of what he said, “a number of major hospitals refused to receive the father of his wife, who was ill with cancer, after his condition deteriorated during the Eid holiday, as a result of the vacations of many doctors.

“Al-Taher” returned to clarify that the statement submitted by the union to the Public Prosecutor accused Mido of “insulting, slandering, spreading false news and incitement against doctors.”

In the same context, Dr. Ahmed Hussein, a member of the Medical Syndicate Council, said in statements to Masrawy, that “certainly, the General Syndicate of Physicians took all legal measures against the former football player, for what he had done in directing insults and slander against Egyptian doctors and inciting against them and claiming lies that caused their publication to disturb them.” social peace,” he said.

Hussein indicated that the General Syndicate of Doctors will file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor, and some subsidiary unions have also decided to file similar complaints against Mido.

In the context of Mido’s attack on the medical sector and doctors, he said, “The medical sector in Egypt is a farce, and I am talking about major hospitals. The sector in Egypt is obscene and unsuccessful.. Most of the doctors have no conscience, when the senior doctors say to the younger doctors that I don’t speak because I am on vacation, so they don’t deserve to wear the robe. People who are aware of the medical sector must be held accountable because most of them have no conscience.”

He continued, “The great doctors are all in the coast and owe instructions to the little doctors, no one talks to them,” which sparked a wave of criticism from a number of doctors.

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