Republican Debate 2023: Key Issues, Absence of Trump, and the Rise of Ramaswamy

2023-08-24 15:27:49

Climate change, gun control, abortion and the economy were some of the issues that the Republican Party candidates touched on in the first debate, which took place in Milwakuee.

Eight Republican Party leaders attended the debate, including Vice President Mike Pence, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Ron De Santis, Senator Tim Scott, former New York Governor Chris Christie jumper.

From Pence and Christie he highlighted her experience as vice president, from Ramaswam and her youth and business experience, from Haley, the fact that she was the only woman on stage.

Here we tell you how the Republican debate went:

military actions on the border

A contentious issue was the crisis on the southern border of the United States. Ron De Santis assured that as president he would name drug cartels as terrorist organizations. He also said that on the first day of his government he would use special forces to fight the cartels in Mexico.

Some attendees to the debate at the time of the national anthem. By Joshua Lott/The Washington Post.

Senator Tim Scott stressed that a Republican president must finish the wall announced by Donald Trump and stop the flow of fentanyl on the southern border of the United States.

Trump, the great absentee in the first debate

The great absentee of the night was former President Donald Trump, who had already announced that he will not participate in this or any other debate organized within the framework of the Republican primaries.

At the same time as the debate, Trump published his interview with Tucker Carlson, which in its first hour had more than 60 million views on Twitter.

Despite his absence, Trump was a recurring topic in the exchanges between the Republican leaders, especially in the section that touched on the charges that the former president faces before the American justice system. This intervention generated boos from Chris Christie, who assured that Trump’s conduct on January 6, 2021 went beyond the presidency and recognized that Vice President Pence defended the Constitution.

Ramaswamy, who claimed that Trump had been the best president of the United States so far in the 21st century, said that as president he would forgive Trump.

Ramaswamy, the revelation

The Biotech Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamystood out among the other candidates in the Republican debate with several timely interventions.

Ramaswamy has burst onto the political scene in recent weeks, ranking third in the Republican primary polls. According to YouGov, Trump has 62% voting intention, followed by De Santis with 16% and Ramaswamy with 7%.

Ramaswamy was characterized as a guy who talks like Chat GPT by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to which Ramaswamy responded with a big smile.

On the Ukraine point, Ramaswamy was the only candidate who was in favor of stopping any kind of monetary aid. “I will not support. And this is a disaster. We should use those resources to avoid the invasion that we are experiencing on the southern border,” said the businessman.

A first dwarf debate

Donald Trump demonstrated a golden rule in political debates. Whoever is winning in the election does not need to attend, since this type of event serves more so that the candidates with less intention to vote make themselves known and talk about their proposals in front of the audience.

Despite not having attended, Trump was present throughout the debate in the arguments and exchanges between the candidates for the Republican primary.

None of the candidates was the clear winner of the debate, although some used the debate to publicize their proposals with the country and views on the challenges facing the United States.

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